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About Us

Terrapin Station was founded in 1985 in Murray Ky. After touring the country and eventually settling in California, our founders Bobby and Valerie drew inspiration from the free spirit and progressive thinking of the west coast. Once returning home to Murray they realized there was no record store, or really any establishment, that represented the values and customs that have become a part of them. Terrapin started as a music store in Bobby and Valerie’s living room where they sold vinyl, cassettes, and a few CDs that were just beginning to hit the market. Over the years we have expanded to a bigger building and began carrying products for the culture such as DVDs, VHS, video games, delta 8, CBD, kratom, Gypsy Rose clothing, glassware, incense, ozone oil, and so much more! Terrapin Station is also a space for local artists to display and sell their artwork. Valerie’s main goal was to provide an inclusive environment where anybody could feel welcome and find enjoyment through shared love of music and the arts. Today we continue to uphold Valerie’s vision and provide high quality products for a fun and balanced lifestyle.

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What is Terrapin Station?

Terrapin Station is named after The Grateful Dead's ninth studio album released in 1977 under the same name. Bob and Valerie are huge dead heads that caught as many shows as they could during the hayday

Our Vision

We believe in living a balanced life of pleasure with self maintenance. Terrapin is a brand that draws inspiration through art, music, science, fashion, and business.

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