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Ozonated oil in wound healing: what has already been proven?

Ozonated sesame oil enhances cutaneous wound healing in SKH1 mice

The dual action of ozone on the skin

Therapeutic effect of topical ozonated oil on the epithelial healing of palatal wound sites: a planimetrical and cytological study

Topical applications of ozone and ozonated oils as anti-infective agents: an insight into the patent claims

The Effect of Ozonated Olive Oil on Neovascularizatıon in an Experimental Skin Flap Model

What is the best strategy for enhancing the effects of topically applied ozonated oils in cutaneous infections?

The Morphometrical and Histopathological Changes which were Observed after Topical Ozone Therapy on an Exophytic Fibrous Gingival Lesion: A Case Report

Cytological assessment of healing palatal donor site wounds and grafted gingival wounds after application of ozonated oil: an eighteen-month randomized controlled clinical trial

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