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1.1 Who's Gonna Take the Garbage Out Feat. Iris Dement 
1.2 Storms Never Last Feat. Lee Ann Womack 
1.3 Falling in Love Again Feat. Alison Krauss 
1.4 Color of the Blues Feat. Susan Tedeschi 
1.5 I'm Telling You Feat. Holly Williams 
1.6 Remember Me Feat. Kathy Mattea 
1.7 Look at Us Feat. Morgane Stapleton 
1.8 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke Feat. Amanda Shires 
1.9 Fifteen Years Ago Feat. Lee Ann Womack 
1.10 Cold Cold Heart Feat. Miranda Lambert 
1.11 Dreaming My Dreams Feat. Kathy Mattea 
1.12 Mental Cruelty Feat. Kacey Musgraves 
1.13 Mr. ; Mrs. Used to Be Feat. Iris Dement 
1.14 My Happiness Feat. Fiona Prine 
1.15 Just Waiting (John Solo)

John Prine - For Better, Or Worse Vinyl

SKU: 696859970252
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